Excelente reseña de Suvclatters.

Jazznoize has a real name, GAWD: Sergio Sanchez; and Miguel Garcia has a fake name, GAWD: Xedh. OK? Get past it. Together they’ve made “suvclatters,” a tape fully identified with both, whether pseudonyms are splashed across the j-card or not. And this is the outlier – these boys are from Spain. Still, their drones aren’t for the uninitiated, as the artists explore frequencies that aren’t easily tolerated by the untuned. From the moment “a schrecestign” emerges into longform gestation, growing with intensity as it bullies its way across your speaker system, warping and oscillating as it goes, you know you’re in for a deep dive. And Sergio and Miguel do not disappoint, ripping holes in space-time with their dynamic and devilish vibrations, from “neutrionn” to “slo emisioner” to “epidinitianiek.” Lots of descriptors are thrown around the press release for this tape, stuff like “intense,” “immersive,” “adventurous,” “etc.” (there’s probably an “etc.” tossed in there somewhere), so I barely have to do any work like consult the thesaurus on my phone. But don’t take my distinctly American short-cuttery for granted – check out “suvclatters” for yourself if you can muster the energy to get off your couch, you stoner


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